Hey, guys!

To start the week I had an early meeting with our Goldsmith to discuss our orders for this week. After our meeting, I hurriedly got ready (to do some errands).

When I was done changing I found out there was no driver available for me. I have to wait for Joshua (driver) 'cause Vinny sent him to do some stuff for him.

So, while waiting I did a quick ootd even if my outfit is just so casual. What else is there to do? (I'm done changing and all). Right? haha.

Anyway, I went to Tru Value (Power Plant mall) to check on their garbage cans. I know they have really good garbage cans. Claudia wanted silver (sturdy and heavy duty) ones. So, I checked Tru Value first.

I was able to find some good ones. Not silver because the sales lady talked me into buying a different kind.

"ma'am, kalawangin kasi yan ma'am. Atsaka hindi yan tatagal. Ito na lang ma'am. Tatagal 'to ng more than 10 years kasi matibay 'to and hindi 'to kakalawangin."

So, I got sucked into it. The color is light blue/silver-ish (you'll see photos soon when I'm done furnishing our new kitchen). I got 2 (for wet and dry garbage) which cost P3,000+ each. Even garbage cans are expensive these days.

I also found stools and I really like them. And guess what color? Silver. I thought Claudia would love these stools. I asked the sales lady if hindi  kakalawangin and she said no 'cause it's made of aluminum. It's really nice. It's something I was looking for. Sturdy and the height is adjustable. I got 3 stools at P4,000+ each (not bad).

Yay! I'm finally done with garbage cans and stools!

While going around I saw this drawer organizer and I thought, omg, I need this for my make up! I have these kinds of organizers already but this one is different. It has 2 sets of drawers!

When Claudia saw it (she went home for lunch) she said "why are you buying more space for your make up? I thought you are purging?"

It is true. I have been cleaning my make up drawers and giving away the ones that I don't need and I know I won't be using anymore, the ones that I haven't used that I know I will never use and throwing away the ones that have gone bad 'cause it has been with me for years.

Lately, I haven't been buying new make ups. Not like before I used to buy every time my favorite brands (NARS, Hourglass, Too Faced, Urban Decay, etc.) comes out with new ones. I noticed that they (makeup companies) have been coming out with new sets every season. Like I haven't even used that just recently came out and they will come out with new ones again. The turn over is just so fast and it's piling up in my drawers. I cannot keep up with it.

And I am only talking about the high-end brands. There's the drugstore brands that I have a lot also.

So, I decided to stop buying. I will just re-purchase the ones that I like.

So, why am I buying more space? I just find it so cute! There are 2 sets of drawers in one cart (I need to have an excuse)!

While going around again (I better stop going around), I saw the latest Dyson hand held vacuum cleaner. I saw this first in one YouTube vloggers that I follow. She really loved it. For her, it's life changing. It was a gift from her husband. And apparently ever since she got it her life was never the same again. That's according to her.

I was so amazed (I am very biased with the brand Dyson. 'cause I really love my Dyson Supersonic hair dryer) but I thought (I am sure) this is not available in Manila yet. So, I just admired it and got jealous.

When I turned around I saw this:

The Dyson Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner! It's already available here!

Here are some pics I got from their site:

The Dyson sales man was telling me the different models and there were only 2 left with the model that I liked! What am I suppose to do? I know this is not on my list but this will make the life of my house girls easy.

I went home with a new vacuum cleaner. The model that I liked is P27,500 (and today there is only one left. haha).

This was the cheapest model. The others were P38,000 and P42,500. I chose this because I don't think my house is that dirty that will need a heavy duty vacuum cleaner.


Top: Hanes  ||  Shorts:  Zara  ||  Mules: H&M (good find!)  ||  Bag: Zara  ||  Sunglasses: Vintage (no brand)  ||  Watch: Klarf  ||  Willow Jewelry Tibetan Beads Bracelet  ||  Willow Jewelry Hoop Earrings