Ugh… I’m having a hard time keeping up with my blogging schedule (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). No matter how organized I try to be I just can’t seem to do it on schedule.

At least this week I’m able to sit down on a Wednesday, not like last week were I did not have time.

I had an easy day today and the only thing I made sure was to be around when my cleaning lady comes.

I spent most of my morning talking to my good friend Jing on the phone while at the same time doing some stuff around the house. Multi tasking to the very core. Hahaha. I always enjoy my chats with her. It’s very therapuetic for me and she always say the right thing. She gives it to me straight and not sugar coated. And of course the trust is there which is hard to come by these days.

After lunch I lighted an essential oil (grapefruit) while working. I have some orders that I need to work on.

The whole Christmas season we ran out of pouches (packaging) and finally my order arrived last week. So I have to start putting the cords in each pouch. All our pouches are all hand made by me. Except the sewing part which I have to order. That’s how personalize Willow Jewelry is.

My cleaning lady arrived early and while she was doing her thing I was busy working myself. I chatted with Claudia late afternoon and talked about anything and everything.

Things are looking good. It is the way I imagined my life to be. Simple, peaceful, no drama and enjoying the fruits of my labor. My kids.

From here on it is up to me which way to go. I will still keep a small circle of friends. I will choose who I will allow into my life.

I am still a work in progress.