Like they say, if you focused on the good, the good gets better!

I had such a busy weekend. I worked the whole day Saturday. I went to the shop of my goldsmith early morning and spent most of my morning there. I got so many orders last week and I made sure that everything is done well.

When I got home the bags from Bidibidi arrived. They sent me some bags and it’s so cute. I will post them this week. I love supporting small businesses (like mine). It’s my way of empowering women. So, watch out for my post! You guys will love the bags. They are so cute!

Here are some of the orders of our clients that we worked on last week.

The cat necklaces of my good friend Tina Mariano:

Cinthy Recto’s Alphabet Pendant (Celine inspired):

Joanna Preysler’s necklace:

Janine Go’s necklace:

and an international (USA) order from my friend Zelda (this is not complete. She ordered 2 sets of baroque earrings and necklaces and 4 other necklaces for stacking):


Tank Top: Kenneth Cole  || Pants: Zara  ||  Shoes: Gucci  ||  Bag: Henri Et Héléne  ||  Sunglasses: Tom Ford  ||  Willow Jewelry