How do I start thee?

I won’t be blogging anymore.

I love blogging but it has come to a point where I just lost interest. I have been blogging for practically 20 years! I started in 2001. Can you imagine?

It’s bittersweet.

I have met some good friends through my blog and I’ve made a few enemies too. hahaha. I guess it’s part of the territory.

But before closing my blog there are a few people I want to thank. Thank you because they made me a better person.

They made me understand that being miserable is very lethal. And they take it out on people who are doing good. They made me understand that jealousy can eat your soul.

I don’t wish them the best, but I wish them what they deserve and that’s got nothing to do with me, that’s between them and karma.

  1. Annie Buyco and Susan Cui – thank you for cutting off ties with our family. Mom and Dad are peaceful now. No more stress. But still, I gave you the chance of seeing them through my blog posts cos I was still hoping that if you see pictures of Mom and Dad that I post here you’ll miss them and you would pick up the phone and call them. Mom and Dad will be 84 years old this year. You don’t have time anymore. Thank you for joining forces with TB. I hope that made you happy. But guess what? For me, you are both dead.
  2. May Toling aka Melissa Henson – why so much hate? But I thank you for hating me. Thank you for showing the world what misery can do to a person. It’s not my fault you have a miserable life. You made me realize the value of my friendship with my original best friend Fannie. If there’s anyone in this world who has the right to talk about me it is Fannie. Cos she has been with me since chapter 1 of my life. She’s the one who knows me very well. She’s the one who knows my story. But she’s the one who kept quiet. You don’t know anything about me. You don’t know me. Don’t make chapter 20 of my life your chapter 1.
  3. Myka Regner – I’m just glad you’re out of my life. You know what you did.

A big thank you to all my loyal followers. It was one big ride for us.

I will still be on Social Media. I will still be active on Instagram and Facebook. But unfortunately, my accounts are private. Only because I am controlling the negative vibes.

Just ping me and tell me you came from my blog so I can accept your requests.

Thank you all!