If you have been reading me for a long time then you know that sunglasses or shades are one of my obsession. Through the years I have collected quite a lot. Some I have given away and the ones that I really like I keep them.

I did a post of my sunglasses collection a few years back and some friends are asking me for updates and post my latest purchases. So, I decided to do an updated sunglasses collection.

I am not going to post everything. I will post only my favorites (the ones I really like).

Okay, here goes…

Christian Dior

When Dior came out with their So Real sunglasses everyone went crazy. Including me. I bought mostly my favorite colors.


There’s a certain style of MiuMiu shades that I went crazy about. I really don’t know what it’s called but I bought quite a few, too.

Tom Ford

Those days when everyone went crazy with Tom Ford shades.


I only have a few Gucci’s. But these ones that I have I bought a long time ago. Maybe like 3 years already and I really like them.


I love Prada sunglasses. But lately, they haven’t come out with nice designs. It’s a good thing I kept my favorite designs.

Dolce & Gabbana

I only have a few D&G’s.

Kate Spade

These are few Kate Spades that I have. I’m glad I was able to buy some of her designs.


I love Celine! They’re my favorite next to Chanel.



I have so many Raybans. Maybe a drawer full. But it’s usually the same style (Rounds, Aviators, Grandmaster, etc) in different colors. You know that Rayban has been coming out with flash lens and colored lens for the last few years. And I have basically all the colors.

I will only post the ones that I have been wearing a lot lately. Their latest designs. The Oval, Hexagonal, and the square lens.

No Brand

These are the sunglasses I bought online. They don’t have any brand and they are cheap but well made, good material and nice.

I will only be posting the ones that I often wear.

These are the latest styles that everyone is wearing now.

Sunglasses Collection 2018