We usually have our Sunday lunch in Rockwell ‘cos Vinny and Franny live in the area and their driver is on day off every Sunday so they just walk. (I already told him to have their driver go on day off every other Sunday and not every Sunday. Kasi sukang suka na ako sa Rockwell area)

But this Sunday Vinny said we have to eat somewhere in Greenbelt cos he needs to pick up something in Hermes.

We all agreed to eat in Sala Bistro in Greenbelt 3.

Claudia and her driver picked me up and dropped us in Greenbelt and the driver went back to pick up Vito (Vito was not ready yet when Claudia left the house but she needed to leave already since she has to pick me up yet and our lunch reservation was at 12nn).

Okay, I’m rambling. Let’s cut to the chase.

When we got to Sala Bistro we thought Vinny was not there yet. The weather was nice. Breezy and no sun so Claudia chose to sit outside. Not knowing that Vinny was already seated inside.

While the waiter was trying to settle Claudia and me outside Vinny texted me and said “I can see you. Why are you seated outside?” And I said, “where are you?” And he goes “I am already inside sitting down. Look at the glass window you can see me. I am all the way back.”

So I looked through the glass window to look for him.

When I saw Vinny I waved at him to signal him that I saw him.

Suddenly I saw people inside waving back at me. Jaime & Bea Zobel da Ayala and their friend waved at me and thought that I was waving at them. So, the 3 of them were waving back and smiling at me!

When I noticed who they were I panicked and thought, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t! They are thinking I am waving at them and they probably thought they know me.

I did not have a choice but to pretend to wave back at them and smiled like I know them.

Of course, I know them. I know OF them. lol!

Bea maybe thinks I look familiar cos for many years we go to the same parlor in San Antonio Plaza in Forbes Park.

Claudia then asked me “you know them?” I said “No. But I know who they are.” She was so confused and asked me “why are they waving at you?” And I told her ” I was waving at Koko (Vinny) and since they are right in front of us they probably thought I am waving at them.”

Claudia said, “omg Mom sobra kang nakaka hiya! How are we gonna go inside now? They are thinking you’re their friend and you have to say hi to them.”

I told her, “let’s pass by the side so we won’t pass their table and let’s just look down.” lol!

When we got to our table where Vinny was seated we told him the story. And we all laughed about it. And Vinny goes, “they’re probably asking themselves do you know her? and Jaime would say no. and Bea will also say no. And they would be wondering who is she?”

And Vinny said “wow, Mom nakaka hiya ka.”

But I was thinking why am I nakaka hiya? I was not waving at them. THEY thought I was waving at them. But no. Sila ang napa hiya! Not me.

And Vinny said, “o sige na. Si Jaimie Zobel de Ayala ang na hihiya sayo.” LOL!

Our table was like 3 tables away from them. Vinny and Vito were seated facing them and I and Claudia were facing our back at them. So, strategically our seating was good.

And suddenly Vinny said, “Mom, their whole family just arrived.”

Meaning the sons Fernando and Jaime Augusto and their families.

So I said, “good. All my friends are here!” lol!


Maxi Dress: Seek The Uniq  //  Sandals: Hermes  //  Bag: Fendi  //  Sunglasses: Gucci  //  Willow Jewelry