My kids love eating in The Grid in Power Plant Mall in Rockwell. It’s a high-end food court (meaning all the restaurants there are all high-end)(meaning no fast food). But we have eaten there a couple of times only because every time we go there are no more tables available. It gets full right away.

But this Sunday since Vinny and Franny live in the area (Rockwell) they went there before 12:00nn and got a table for us.

When I posted eating in Luke’s Lobster Roll when I was in NYC,

Tita Nin (Franny’s Tita) has been telling me to go and try the lobster roll in The Grid. But every time we go there it’s either I forget (cos Claudia always get the tacos for me) or we don’t get a table. lol!

This time I did not forget because Vinny wanted the lobster quarter pounder and our table was right across it!Franny told me to try their lobster grilled cheese. So, that’s what I had. Although Vinny’s lobster quarter pounder looked so yummy (he finished it in less than 5 minutes!).

Lobster grilled cheeseIt was so yummy! I swear. Must try.

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