I went to my supplier yesterday morning to pick up some chains that we needed. I went to Landmark afterwards to get some new kitchen scissors. Claudia told me the other day “Mom, can you get new kitchen scissors, please.”

I went straight to home department. What keeps me coming back to Landmark is it always surprise me.

at 300 thread count, pwede na.

the following were not on display. I saw it folded and looked nice so I told the sales lady to spread it ‘cos I wanted to see how it looks like.

It’s so nice! But we only use white sheets and 600 thread count and up. So, no.

These throw pillows tho’

Summer flowers! Landmark has the best flowers.

Instagram worthy knick knacks


look at these trays! I came home with one of these. Hell, yes!


this beautiful leaf tray where you can put your pieces of jewelry, you can put this on your work desk, or on your vanity table etc.


I definitely did not go home without these placemats. These are not cloth placemats. I don’t know the name of the material but these are very easy to clean. Wash with warm water and soap and voila!

Summer days are here again.

Summer fling na lang ang kulang ko. hahahaha!


Top: just because tees (this design is coming out soon)  ||  Denim Skirt: H&M  ||  Sneakers: H&M  ||  Bag: Hermes Backpack  ||  Sunglasses: Shades of Ms. T  ||  Willow Jewelry