I always blog about the beauty products (face & body) that I use during summer time. I enjoy sharing it with you. Occasionally some followers asked me, so here I am again.

All these products I am using are all organic. Aside from organic really works for me I love the scent. I like smelling fresh and clean. I don’t like anything that smells perfumey. Especially those cheap perfume kind of scent. You will never catch me using those.

How do I describe what perfumey is?

One time I saw John’s friend at the airport and I told him she smelled too perfumey. I could not stand her smell. And he asked me “what does perfumey smells like?” The only way I could describe it is it smells like those colognes from Victoria Secret. Too strong. Too sweet. Not my type.

And then I said she smelled like Aiza (my helper)! Aiza’s shampoo smells too perfumey. I don’t know what brand she used but I hated it. I told her to stopped using it and I gave her an organic shampoo. She smells fresh and clean now. lol.

I only use perfume if I go out at night but during the day I don’t. I want to smell fresh and clean. And if I go out during the day I use Spanish baby cologne Gotas Frescas. This is Claudia’s favorite cologne, in fact, I discovered it from her. This is the cologne she uses every day.

Anyway, here are the hair and body products that I use this summer.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Ahalo Butter Shampoo & Conditioner

I got this in S&R a few months ago. In fact, this was included in my beauty haul. I really love this. It makes my hair so soft and easy to manage. I just feel bad ‘cos when I went to S&R 2 weeks ago it is out of stock and they haven’t restocked. I really hope they will.


Botaneco Garden Organic Argan & Virgin Olive Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

I got this also in S&R. I rotate this with Ahalo Butter. My hair loves this also. Good thing this is still in stock.



Body Wash

(I have 3 in rotation now)

Dr. Teal’s Body Wash

I love the scent of this! It smells fresh and clean (just the way I like it).


Aquabliss Refreshing Body Wash

I love citrus scent (especially during summer). This one smells so nice. A strong citrus scent which I love.



A La Maison Coconut Noix de Coco

There are only 2 scents that I like during summer, citrus and coconut. I have been using this for a few years now and I still keep on repurchasing this. So, I guess that means only one thing. I love this.



Body Lotion

Dr. Teal’s Body Lotion

Aside from the fresh scent of this, I like that this is not sticky and heavy and it brings back the moisture.



Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Oil in Kukui Nut

I have this in rotation with Dr. Teal’s. This smells like you just came from the beach. Altho’ this is oil but it doesn’t feel oily and sticky. I have been using this for a long time already. One of the products that I always repurchase.


All these products are all organic. That means you will never go wrong. These are all tried and tested.

Products are available in S&R and Healthy Options.

Enjoy your summer and stay hydrated!


Top: Zara  //  Shorts: H&M  //  Mules: H&M  //  Bag: Chanel  //  Sunglasses: Stella McCartney  //  Willow Jewelry