I was talking to my cousin, Jojo this morning (he is from Houston, Texas and he is like a brother to me), we set a date for us to see each other in Cebu when he goes home next month (October).

Jojo and I go along way (talking about being childhood friends aside from being cousins). When we were kids our houses were about 20 steps away (his dad and my Dad are brothers). So, we practically grew up together.

I grew up loving him like a brother. Up to now.

One of the things that we talked about was about 2 of my sisters. He was wondering why they blocked him on Facebook. I told him, of course, they will block you. They know how close we are. It got me thinking. Sh*t. They (my sisters) are on a rampage! WTH.

You know what? Why don’t I put everything in its right place? Why don’t I talk about it? Not directly because first, we are not talking anymore (my sisters, S, A, &P). Second, we will just end up screaming at each other and nothing will come out of it and the point that I am trying to get to them will not materialize. Third, email? hell no. I want everybody to know what really happened to stop all speculation. Fourth, don’t mess with me, I am a blogger. Know who you are dealing with.

I don’t care anymore. Let’s stop this bullshit and get to the bottom of this. I don’t consider them family, anymore, anyway. So, why not?

Last July, something happened. It started small and S, A, & P made it big. So big that they decided to shut down everyone in the family (even those who have nothing to do with it) (even Mom & Dad who have nothing to do with it). I just hope that they will stand up to it until their last breath.

For the record, I don’t have anything to do with everything that happened but they shut me down too.

A and my brother D got into a fight.

A (who’s based here in Manila) was sent to Cebu by S (who’s from LA) to accompany my Mom & Dad for their mid-year checkup (S paid for A’s airfare and paid her just to do this. Let’s make that known and clear).

When A was in Cebu and in between the checkup schedules of my Mom and Dad she did the most stupid thing that she can think of.

In my Mom & Dad’s house, my brother D also lives there together with his son and his son’s wife (and their 2 children) (who my mom & dad adore). D’s son grew up with my Mom & Dad and became their favorite grandchild.

So, while A was there she made the family of D her business (kung sa bisaya pa, nang hilabot nga wa sya’y labot). She got herself involved in their family issues. Which does not concern her in the first place. I will not go into details because just thinking about it makes me feel so stupid. That’s how trivial it is.

That’s how A and my brother D got into a fight. That escalated to a big fight (my brother D ended up throwing A out of the house).

What A did to cover her ass she called S and P and told them twisted stories and made herself the victim. S & P sided with her, believed her, hook line and sinker. S & P got everyone involved. They shut down my Mom & Dad, shut me down, shut every f*cking one.

The 3 of them S, A, & P went on a rampage shutdown everyone who did not side with them.

Shutdown meaning they stopped talking to us, blocked us on Facebook and got out of our Viber chat group.

I don’t care if they shut me down, I don’t care if they shut down North Korea but shutting down your 81-year-old Mother and Father? That is outright MEAN and HEARTLESS. Who does this? Aren’t you scared of karma?

I will tell you the side of their “story” on why they got angry at Mom and Dad.

They said that while my brother D was fighting A, Mom & Dad did not do anything to help A.

WTH. Really? Where are your f*cking brains?

You want your 81-year-old mother & father to get in between A & D? Knowing how D is like? They are at the age where they can’t handle stress anymore, they are at the age where stress can kill them. And you want them to stand in the frontier? You want them to help A? A who started this whole mess. A who knows D can be crazy. A who did not use her f*cking head. A who you paid and send to Cebu to take care of mom & dad.

Good job A!

And the other reason why they are angry (S & P) is because it involves the favorite apo. Who they hate. From the beginning. That’s why it was so easy for A to get the side of S & P because she knows they don’t like the favorite apo. It was like throwing gasoline to the fire.

Why do they hate the favorite apo?

S doesn’t want the favorite apo and his family to live with mom & dad. Why? because they are jealous that mom & dad love him? Mom & dad will do anything for him. Or to put it bluntly, S doesn’t want that mom & dad will spend for them (Mom & Dad don’t spend for them since the favorite apo is working already).

Let’s go back to history. History indeed repeats itself.

We lived with our paternal grandmother until she died. We lived with her ever since we were small. We were my Lola Anas favorite apos. She took care of us, spends for us. She gives us everything we like. She brings us shopping all the time. Among all the grandchildren it was quite obvious to everyone that we were her favorite. Because my Dad was her favorite son.

Did anyone complain? Did any of my Dad’s siblings complain? Did any of my cousins complain? Did anyone try to kick us out of my Lolas house?

NO. No one.

In the grand scheme of things my Dad’s siblings were at the very least thankful that we lived with my Lola Anas. At least Lola Anas has (family) companions in the house to look after her and to be with her (and not just maids)(my Lolo died when I was I think 3 years old).

Didn’t you learn anything from our childhood? How Lola Anas loved us unconditionally? Took all of us under her wings and took care of all of us. No questions asked. Didn’t you stop and think that maybe it’s payback time?

I guess not.

Is it because you (S & P) send money to mom & dad? And you don’t want the favorite apo and family to enjoy what you give them. Think of it this way. You give mom money, that means it’s hers already. Whatever she does with it should no longer be your business. She can do whatever she wants with it.

Whatever your reasons are can you just be happy that mom & dad are not alone in the house? That the children of the favorite apo make them happy. Can you just be happy for them? Instead of hating?

Please don’t make it about money. Don’t. Because whatever the amount you give them is the same amount with or without the favorite apo. They are not even included in the budget.

P hates the wife of the favorite apo. Why P? Because of what she said about you? It was her opinion of you. She was not lying or inventing stories. Don’t blame her. Blame God because he was the one who made you.

Ever since my brother died early last year I did everything for us to get along. Before my brother died I was not talking to S for 6 years, I was not talking to P for 4-5 years and A for 2 years, for different reasons.

I was so devastated (actually all of us was) when my brother died. I vowed to myself that I will do everything for us to get along. It was very emotionally draining, yes, but I tried. It is emotionally draining to let go of something just to have peace. But a few months after my brother died S & P fought and stopped talking to each other.

I still didn’t give up. I was hoping and praying that the two (S&P) will be friends again (they made up when the husband of P died early this year). I was very careful with everyone. I talked to A a lot because she is usually the cause why everyone fight. Somehow she is involved in all the fights within our family. The case of “hatud hatud ug storya.” Chismiss in Tagalog, gossip in English (which she is very good at).

But she never listened. Up to the time when this whole thing blew up.

But God has other plans. There is still something good that came out of this. My mom is more at peace. She sleeps better at night and the important thing is she is happier now.

But where am I in all of these? This is where I am at now.

…. to be continued tomorrow