Thursday? Already?


Oh, wow. It feels like I slept on Sunday and woke up Thursday. Please don’t ask me where time went because I myself don’t know.

The days seem like going fast forward that sometimes I want to stop and get off.

In between last week end and today, nothing really exciting happened. I have been busy working on our orders (doing just that). And it ate up all my time.

Yesterday I told Claudia about Judy Ann (our laundry girl) who went inside my room to pick up my dirty clothes and she was wearing lipstick. Red lipstick. So, I told her not to wear lipstick when she’s working. But Claudia had a different view on the matter. She told me: “Mom, just let her be. That’s her only happiness. Give it to her.”

I felt guilty and I felt bad. I think the part “it’s her only happiness” did it for me. So, I told Claudia, “okay, I’ll allow her na nga lang.” 

And Claudia said, “yeah, tell her, Judy Ann, you can wear lipstick and make it blood red lipstick.”

I didn’t have a choice but to tell her she can wear lipstick. Hay, naku. Things have really change. During my time I don’t think my Mom would allow that.

And it seems like it was just yesterday.


Suede Dress: Zara  ||  Mules: H&M  ||  Bag: Chanel Le Boy  ||  Sunglasses: Vintage Emilio Pucci  || Watch: Klarf  ||  Earrings: Bvlgari  ||  Wrist Cuff: Triwa   ||  Willow Jewelry Choker