Yesterday I had my nails done (home service). It usually takes at least 2 hours, foot scrub and foot massage included.

So, I decided to watch a movie on my Ipad.

When I was scrolling Netflix I freaked out when I saw this in “new releases”

If you know me very well, then you know that this is one of my favorite movies of all time. Sophie’s Choice.

I saw this movie when it came out way back early 80’s (and I also read the book) starring Meryl Streep as Sophie. Kevin Kline as Nathan Landau and Peter Mc Nicol as Stingo.

This is such a powerful movie. The story revolves around Sophie who is a Holocaust survivor. How she managed to live her life in New York after she was freed in Auschwitz concentration camp.

Here are the awards that this movie won:

For me this is one of Meryl Streep’s best movies to date.

If you haven’t watch this yet, I highly recommend this.

Watching Sophie’s choice is one of my highlights this weekend and of course lunching with my kids (will always be my highlight every weekend).

Summer is finally here.

Dress: COS // Shoes: Valentino // Bag: Marc Jacobs // Sunglasses: Gucci // Willow Jewelry