I completely went full mode clean living already. Kicked off sugar, kicked off nicotine, kicked off negative people. So, yay.

Everyone is sick in my house the past weeks. And I mean everyone. From the drivers to the helpers, to the kids and last 2 weeks it was my turn.

Summer is here once again. And it is f*cking scaring me. I can just imagine how hot it is going to be. But I can’t help but admire the sunny weather the past few days (after the gloomy days of the past months). So, yay.

Yesterday afternoon, Roxanne and I went to Makati Med to visit the daughter of our good friend Claire. We spent most of the afternoon and kept the family company. Claire’s daughter is feeling and getting better. So, yay.


Denim Jacket Dress: Tommy Hilfiger  ||  Sneakers: H&M  ||  Bag: H&M  ||  Chanel Brooch  ||  Willow Jewelry