Island hopping tour is a must when you go to Siargao. We booked in our resort and we were scheduled on our 3rd day. Boat leaves at 10:00am up to 4:30pm. So, basically we spent the whole day island hopping.

The tour that we got is the 3 island tour. Guyam Island, Naked Island and Daku Island. The price for this particular tour (they offer a lot of tours) is P1,000 per person inclusive of lunch, drinks (alcoholic, water and sodas), and snacks. I found it so cheap.

We had 2 tour guides. Natalie and Simon.

This is Natalie. Who happens to be Claudia’s friend (small world)

and Simon (who looks like JC)

He’s really a cool and funny guy but when I took his picture I told him not to smile cos he looks more like JC when he looks serious

All 3 islands were all beautiful. Naked island is called so because there was nothing there. It was a big and long sand bar. This is where we got burned because there was no shade. We just stayed in the water to cool down and so we won’t feel the heat cos it was super hot.

The last island we went to was Daku island and this was where our lunch buffet was set up. This is also where we stayed the longest. We did a lot of things there. Met the locals (there’s a small community in this island), played volleyball, snorkeled, etc.

Here are the photos that I took. Sorry but the pictures doesn’t do justice to these beautiful islands. It’s so difficult to take photos while you’re in the middle of enjoying the place. I tried. Really I did. And this is what I captured.

When we reached Daku island our lunch was ready for us:

We stayed in Daku island for more than an hour until it was time to go back. We came home tired but when we reached our resort we could hear the beat of the congo’s of the tribal boys band and that really picked us up and we started again. There was a party that night in our resort. No rest for the weary.

You just can’t stop. You must not stop. After all this is what vacation is all about.