When Claudia found out that I was going to Siargao with my friends the first thing she told me was, “mom, you will be OP (out of place) there ‘cos these people are going to party! What are you going to do?” She knows I don’t party and I don’t drink. She knows I hate going out at night.

But on our first night I partied! hahahahaha. Why not? I never experienced the wild parties in Boracay why not try in Siargao?

We went to the famous party place in the island where everyone go called the Rum Bar. Just 1 tricycle ride from our hotel. And boy, was it wild. The place was full packed. Very humid and 99% of the people when we arrived were already drunk or stoned.

Not my scene. But I wanted to experience it, so I went with the flow. The music was reggae-ish. I don’t know how else to describe it. LOL! But here are some photos that I took.

  1. anong tinira ni lolo?
  2. the scary looking local surfer who looked like a caveman
  3. that was how crazy it was. It scared me a bit but I was in good company, so I felt safe.

I was very relieved when the night was over. LOL!

The next day, we went to rent mopeds. This is how you go around the island. You need to rent mopeds. There’s a lot of moped rentals everywhere. The price for the moped rental is P500/day (24 hours). We rented our mopeds the whole time we were there.

this photo was just for picture only. I did not drive I back rode the whole time. LOL!

After breakfast, we decided to go on a road trip to this lagoon (which was highly recommended) called Mapupungko. It was 45 mins moped ride from General Luna (where our resort was).

The ride was so much fun. Fresh air, very picture-esque. Very soul cleansing. A different experience. And I really enjoyed the ride.

Since we left the hotel kinda late, when we got to the lagoon it was already high tide and the lagoon was not visible anymore. So, we went around and found a place to have lunch just by the shore. The best super fresh seafood.

After lunch we went snorkeling and just walk and discover the place. One of the ‘must go’ place when you go to Siargao.

Mapupungko Lagoon

We went back to our hotel late afternoon.


A few days before we left I bought this really nice straw hat and I forgot to bring it! Thus, caps and golf hats was what I wore the whole time.