Like I mentioned from my previous post, that I am going for a trip this week. My friends from London and Spain are here now for a holiday and wanted me to go with them. This is my first time to come to Siargao altho’ we made plans a few times but it never pushed through.

So, finally. I am here.

I cannot say much about the place yet becos’ we arrived in our resort late afternoon and we were so hungry when we arrived. So, after a very late lunch we just relaxed and lounged by the shore.

But here are some pictures that I took when we arrived. Promise I will post more tomorrow. There are sooo much to do here! I’m so excited.

While waiting for our flight Pablo (my friend from London) tried to squeeze in some work.

By the way, we went to a party last night in Rum Bar and it was wild. I was able to take a lot of pictures but the wifi here in the resort is crawling. And besides, I forgot to charge my laptop and it’s dying on me. So, I will be posting that tomorrow.

P.S. this was the post that I wrote before my charger stopped working. Don (JSP’s nephew) luckily have a spare charger and gave it to me. Yay, I didn’t have to buy anymore. I will continue day 2 tomorrow.