Remember that one Saturday lunch in my friend Claire’s house sometime late last year? I wrote about it here. Something hatched in that lunch we had.

Claire loved the shades I was wearing that day and asked me where I got it. I told her I found it from a supplier in Hongkong. To cut the long story short, she encouraged me to sell and she ordered a lot, right off the bat. I couldn’t say no to her. So, I placed my first order and when it arrived it got sold out in 2 hours. Just from word of mouth. I wasn’t even able to share it with you here.

I placed my second order last January and when it arrived I put it on hold and waited until summer comes.

Summer is here people!

So, for the first time, I’m launching this new product in public. But first a little background.

Like I said I discovered this supplier in Hongkong and I loved all their products. I bought a lot. A.Lot. They thought I had a store (lol).

It’s not your typical cheap looking, made of plastic type. It is well made, sturdy and made of good material. It feels and looks like it’s branded. I’m not kidding.

So, here they are.

Each design is 3 pieces only. FYI.

These are the designs and colors that I personally wear. I’m telling you, this goes out fast. So, if there’s any design you like now, message me and reserve. So, I can put it on hold.


Black Square


Blue/Tortoise Square


Black Cat eyes


Black/Silver Square


Camel/Green Oval


Black Semi-Cat Eyes


Silver Cat Eyes


Black Semi-Oval



Blue/Silver Rounds

Black/Silver Rounds

Silver/Silver Rounds

Purple/Gold Rounds 

This color shifts. It looks purple when you look at it in front and shifts to greenish in a different angle and light.



Rounds: P800.00

Celine-esque: P1,500

Like I mentioned, this is not the same as what you see in the malls or in the tiangges that sell at P150-P300 each. This is good quality made with good materials. Ms. T approved. My reputation is at stake here.

email: or DM me on Instagram or Facebook.