*This is not a restock*

Here’s the second batch of our sunglasses (we ordered this together with the first batch). This batch arrived a few days ago. For those of you who ordered some designs from the first batch, your orders will come in 2-3 weeks.

Like the first batch, we only have 3 pieces for every design. So, if there’s anything you like here let me know asap so I can reserve it for you.

Pink Rounds medium

Pink/Green Rounds Large

*take note: the size of this is big*

Wayfarer Yellow


Kardashian Pink


Kardashian Black

Sabrina Red


Sabrina Navy Blue/Tortoise


Sabrina Tortoise


Sabrina Multi-color


Black Semi Oval Two-Toned Lens


Black Semi-Oval Black Lens



Sabrina & Black Semi Oval: P1,500

Kardashian (Pink & Black): P1,000

Pink Round (Medium): P1,000

Pink/Green Round (Large): P1,000

Yellow Wayfarer: P800.00

Email me at tinatagle59@gmail.com or message me on Facebook or Instagram for your reservation/orders

Thank you!