So, we got a new dog. Suppose to be Aston. But Aston’s owners didn’t want to sell him anymore.

So, we got the brother of Aston. His name is Schumi. Short for Schumacher.

And he is the sweetest dog. In the history of ever.

Claudia & Jean went to pick him up this morning and the minute I saw him I fell in love with him right away.

But not Rocko and Andy! The 2 of them has been bullying Schumi ever since he got here.

Here’s a few photos of Schumi being carried by Jean.


He got so scared with Rocko and Andy who chased him all over the house. So, Jean carried him and the minute Jean held him he hugged Jean.

Poor Schumi.

He is traumatized already.


When Claudia brought Schumi to her room Andy & Rocko watched him like crazy. He had to hide behind this huge teddybear!

IMG_2974IMG_2976Andy is so cute. He was just staring at Schumi the whole time.

By the way, Schumi is an Australian Shepherd.

Our family is getting bigger!



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