Running errands #2

Last Monday I went out to run some errands that I needed to do for a long time now. One example I have to have Vito’s college diploma framed. I have been wanting to do this ever since he graduated in 2016. lol! I finally had it done last Monday cos I have a big map of New York Subway that John gave me and I have been wanting to have it framed too. My second errand that day was to go to Almeda Optical shop to pick up another prescription glasses I had made. Good thing the framing shop and Almeda are just very near each other. But after doing those I felt so tired and hungry already. So I decided to go home and do the rest of my errands the next day. Yesterday I had no choice but to finish the rest of my errands becos I feel so unproductive. My first errand was to go to National Bookstore to buy office supplies. Actually I just needed a cardholder for Beth (cook) so she won’t lose her access card to our unit. It’s better nakasabit sa leeg nya. And a corkboard that I need for my work table. Those are just the 2 things I needed in National Bookstore. My second errand was to go to Fabric Warehouse to buy something that my goldsmith needed for our next project. It took us a long time to find Fabric Warehouse. I am really not familiar with Glorietta. I rarely go there. I filmed our lakad and it is in 3 parts. lol! Cos it keeps on getting cut off and you know I don’t know how to edit. Don’t worry I am going to take editing lessons soon. Cos one of my followers on Instagram told me that naawa daw ang anak nya sa akin kasi my videos are not edited well. Ayan tuloy nag self pity ako and sobrang na awa na din ako sa sarili ko!