If you are on my Facebook you probably know who Rhian is. But if not, let me tell you who she is. Rhian is the 2-year-old granddaughter of my brother. They (my brother, his son (Rhian’s Dad), wife of his son, and the 8-year-old sister of Rhian, Zyra) live with Mom and Dad.

Since Rhian is not yet in school she spends her days with Mom and Dad. She hangs out in Mom’s room and Mom and Dad are her playmates.

On my Facebook, I post conversations between Lola (Mom) and Rhian all the time and I call it Rhian Stories. She is so funny that she eventually had her own followers on Facebook.

She just started talking mid this year and ever since she started talking it changed our lives. Mine, especially. hahaha

I decided to transfer Rhian Stories here in my blog so I can save it. When she grows up she can look back and read how much she is loved by all of us.

I will start from the time I started posting on Facebook. But you need to know the cast of characters first.

Cast of characters:

Tatay: her grandfather. Father of her Dad. My brother

Lolo: my Dad (her great-grandfather and her playmate)

Lola: my Mom (her great-grandmother and her other playmate and her best friend) hahaha

Papa Andot: her Dad

Mama Bonning: her Mom

Ate Zyra: her sister

Berto: their driver

Lizel: their househelp

Juliet: their househelp

Ferdinand: my brother’s worker

I will start from the first time I ever posted. It’s mostly in Bisaya but it has English translation for my non-Bisaya speaking readers.

October 12, 2017

I was FaceTiming with mom and Rhian’s face suddenly appeared.

So, I told her I have chocolates for her.

Rhian: “hala ka diha!”

Me: * laughing so hard*

Rhian: sssshhhh, ayaw saba kay natug ang baboy ni Tatay.

October 13, 2017

Mom: unsa man ka girl or boy? – are you girl or boy?
Rhian: girl
Mom: si Zyra? (her older sister) girl or boy?
Rhian: girl
Mom: si tatay? (Her Lolo) Girl or boy?
Rhian: boy
Mom: si Ferdinand? (Their worker)
Rhian: ambot! Ingon si tatay unggoy man na siya! – I don’t know. Tatay said he’s a monkey

October 14, 2017

Talking to Mom. Suddenly Rhians face appeared again.
Me: Hi, Rhian! Ka gwapa gyud nimo Rhian uy!
Rhian: na unsa ka diha?!

October 15, 2017

 I was talking to Mom early this morning and I noticed her background was so silent. I asked her where Rhian was and she said she was upstairs. So, my mom called her.
Mom: rhiannn, naa sa phone si Tita Tina. Nangita nimo! – Tita Tina is on the phone looking for you.
Rhian: time sa nag ilis pa ko! – wait a minute I’m still changing
Mom: Dali a na – make it fast
Rhian: kay ngano unsa iyang ihatag nako ‘la? – why? What will she give me ‘la?
Mom: chocolates! Usa ka truck nga chocolates! – truckful of chocolates!
Silent…. she probably could not imagine a truck full of chocolates. She knew Mom was just bluffing her.
Rhian: bahala mo diha uy! Ayaw mo’g saba na tug pa ang baboy ni tatay!

October 18, 2017

Mom went to the grocery yesterday and she brought Rhian and Zyra (older sister of Rhian. 8 y.o) with her.
When they were inside the grocery Rhian kept on putting inside their cart a bag of chocolates. Every time Zyra sees her secretly putting chocolates in their cart she would put it back on the shelf and tells her: don’t get that! Lola will get angry.
Mom said she was just listening to them.
Rhian did it again and Zyra put it back on the shelf again. Rhian did it 3 times until Zyra told Lola. My mom told her just leave Rhian alone let’s just buy it cos it looks like she really likes the chocolates.
So mom bought the bag of chocolates.
When they got home, mom unloaded their groceries and Rhian went to my mom’s room looking for her chocolates.
Rhian: ‘la, Asa akong chocolates? – where are my chocolates?
Mom: tua sa kusina. Kuha a didto. – it’s in the kitchen. Get it there.
Rhian went to the kitchen and after a few minutes, she went back to mom’s room.
Rhian: *this time she was frantic already* ‘ laaaaa, wala didto! – ‘la, it’s not there!
Mom: ambot lang nimo Rhian kay akong gi bilin sa kusina. – I left it in the kitchen.
Rhian ran upstairs to their room.
After a few minutes, she came back to mom’s room looking very sad and angry.
Mom: asa naman imong chocolates? Nakit an nimo? – did you find your chocolates?
Rhian: *very, very angry. After all, she worked hard to get those.*
Rhian: *screaming* GI KA ON SA BAYOT ‘LA
Mom: kinsa’y bayot?
Rhian: si Papa Andot! Gi Hurot sa bayot!!
She got so angry she called her Papa bayot.

October 20, 2017

I was on Viber with mom on our usual early morning calls. Rhian was beside her and she put me on speaker.
Me: hi, Rhian! Nag unsa ka diha? – what are you doing there?
Rhian: ikaw nag unsa man sad ka diha? – you? What are you also doing there?

October 25, 2017

I was talking to mom discussing the flower arrangements for the tombs of my brother and my paternal grandparents this coming All saints and All souls day.
All of a suddenly here comes Rhian! I was so happy to see her again after a few days. So I asked her if Madison (dog) and the baboy has given birth already. She told me not yet. She got bored watching and waiting!
After awhile Vinny went inside my room and sat on the foot of my bed and wanted to discuss something with me.

I told mom and Rhian to wait for a while cos I’ll talk to Vinny first. But she was very noisy (they were on speaker) so I reversed the camera so she can see Vinny.
Me: Rhian, tan awa mao ni akong anak. Ayaw sa ug saba diha kay mag storya mi – Rhian, look, this is my son don’t be noisy I’ll talk to him first
After Vinny finished talking to me he stood up and left my room. I went back talking to mom and Rhian on the ipad.
Me: kita ka sa akong anak? – did you see my son?
Rhian: Oo, taw man lagi to imong anak – I won’t translate this in English otherwise it won’t be funny anymore.
Me: ha? Unsa man diay akong anak baboy?
She probably thought my anak is a baby like her

 October 28, 2017

The minute I got to my room after checking in, I opened my luggage right away and gave Rhian her chocolates. She picked me up in the airport together with mom, dad and Rhian’s Mom. I was sooooo hungry and tired that I forgot to take a video.
She was so happy to see the chocolates that I gave her. Mom said these chocolates will last her until Christmas. I gave her a lot. Inubos ko ang Halloween candies in S&R. Everyone was wondering why I had 2 luggage for just a weekend trip. Now you know why. Hahahahaha
This morning mom told me that when Rhian got home last night from the hotel she talked to her Tatay (her lolo, my brother). She called her tatay who was at the back of the house.
Rhian: ‘tayyyyyy,
Tatay: unsa man ‘day – what?
Rhian: gikan mi sugat ni Tita Tina ‘Tay! – we just came from picking up Tita Tina.
Tatay: Ah mao ba ‘day- really?
Rhian: oo ‘tay! Nindot kaayo iyang hotel ‘tay! Naay swimming pool sa banyo! – her hotel room si so nice it has swimming pool in the bathroom. *she meant the bathtub
Tatay: Ah mao ba ‘day? – really?
Rhian: oo ‘Tay! Unya inig abli nimo sa bintana ‘tay naay sapa’ sa ubos ! – when you open the window of her room ‘tay there is a river!
*she meant the pond by the garden

November 1, 2017

We went to the cemetery on my last day in Cebu which was last Monday.
After cleaning and putting flower arrangements we lighted 2 big candles and mom started to lead the prayer.
Rhian could not understand what we were doing. She was very noisy and no one was giving her attention cos we were all praying.
She started to scream.

Rhian: NA NGA UNSA MO UYYYYYYYYYYY!!! – what’s happening to all of you???
Me: shhhhhh….
Rhian: *whispering to me* nag unsa man mo? – what are you all doing?

November 9, 2017

Rhian always has breakfast with Lolo and Lola. She wakes up early and joins them for breakfast.
Yesterday for some reason she woke up so late. So, Lolo and Lola ate ahead.
While they were about to finish having breakfast Rhian suddenly appeared.

Rhian: pssst… Nag unsa mo dihang duha? – what are you two doing?
Lola: na ngaon ‘day. Dali ‘day ma ngaon ta. – eating ‘day. Come let’s eat ‘day.
Rhian: busog pa ko ‘day.
She is into calling my mom ‘day or ma’am these days.

November 10, 2017

Mom’s been hiding all the chocolates I gave Rhian cos she eats a lot and becomes hyper. But somehow she finds it.
I told mom to try Jimmy Kimmel’s “I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candies” with Rhian and see what her reaction will be.
I told mom to tell her lolo ate all her candies.
She was looking for her chocolates yesterday and she couldn’t find it.

Rhian: ‘la, asa akong chocolate? Ako baya ‘to ha. Hatag baya to ni Tita Tina nako. – where’s my chocolates ‘la? Those are mine! Tita Tina gave those to me!
Mom: ‘day, gi kaon ni lolo tanan chocolates nimo. -‘day lolo ate all your chocolates.
Rhian: unsaon ug kaon ni lolo wala man sya ngipon? – how will lolo eat my chocolates he doesn’t have teeth!
Mom: gi hurot lagi ni lolo ‘day! Wala na! – lolo ate it all ‘day! Nothings left!
Rhian: *she went to her lolo who was sleeping on the bed not knowing what was going on and woke up her lolo*
Rhian: ‘lo, ‘loooo!
Dad: *woke up*
Rhian: nga nga ‘lo! Nga ngaaaaaa! *screaming* – open your mouth ‘lo!
Dad: ha? Ngano man ‘day? – why?
Rhian: nga nga lagi ‘lo!!!
*dad opened his mouth. She looked inside Lolo’s mouth. As in binukaka nya talaga lolo’s mouth*
Rhian: hain akong chocolates ‘lo? Iluwa ‘lo!! – where’s my chocolates ‘lo?  Spit it out!
Dad: unsang chocolate ta ba uy! Nga Dili man gani ko ka ingkib! – what chocolates? I can’t even take a bite! Rhian: iluwa lagi ‘lo!
Dad: unsa man akong iluwa? akong dila? – what will I spit out? My tongue?
*then she got serious*
Rhian: iluwa ‘dooooong! Ingon ra ba si Tita Tina ‘dong dili ka pwede ug chocolates ‘dong kay injectionan na sad ka ‘dong!

November 19, 2017

Rhian has been so amazed and mesmerized after her tatay put up their Christmas tree and Christmas lights around their house the other day. Remember she’s just 2 y.o. It’s her first time to experience and enjoy all these.
While she is enjoying the thought of Christmas she is also confused and she asked Lola a lot of questions.
Rhian: unya ‘la kinsa man gyud na si Santa Claus? – who is Santa Claus ‘la?

Mom: amigo na sya ni Jesus nga iyang gisugo to give gifts to all the children all over the world ‘day.
Rhian: kanus a man gyud na sya mo anhi? – when is he really coming here?
Mom: inig ka pasko birthday ni Jesus ‘day.
Rhian: dugay pa man ang pasko ‘la ingna siya sa birthday na lang sya ni Lolo pa anhi a ‘la!
*Birthday of Lolo is next week

November 30, 2017

Tatay was cleaning the back of the house and told Ferdinand (Tatay’s worker) to trim the trees.
Rhian (calling Tatay from the window of moms room and she couldn’t see who was up the tree and what they were doing): ‘tayyyyyy, si Santa Claus na na’ ‘tay? – ‘tay is that already Santa Claus?
Tatay: ‘dili ‘day ang unggoy na ‘day

December 4, 2017

Gifts started to arrive and Rhian is so excited since last week. Early this morning 2 very big gifts arrive and Rhian ran to Moms room.
Rhian: ‘laaaa, ‘laaaa, ‘laaaa
Mom: hilum Rhian ka hait nimo ug tingog – Rhian stop screaming!
Rhian: ‘laaaa, naa dako kaayo gifts ni abot ‘la! Gikan Santa Claus!!! – there’s very big gifts from Santa Claus
Rhian: dali ‘la!! – let’s go
*they went to the Christmas tree and indeed there were 2 big gifts that arrived.
Rhian: basaha ‘la – read it!
Mom (reading): to baby Rhian! Merry Christmas! From Santa Claus!
Rhian: ‘eeeeeeeeeeeee
Rhian: pungko diha ‘la, bantayi na kay kawaton unya na’ – sit down and watch my gifts someone might steal it.

December 18, 2017

Mom and I were talking on Viber and Rhian butt in…
Rhian: tinaaaa, (take note she’s not calling me Tita anymore. Friends na lang kami) nag unsa ka diha? – Tina, what are you doing there?
Me: wala dai’, storya ni lola. Pila na imong gifts sa Christmas tree dai? – nothing just talking to Lola. How many gifts do you have in the Christmas tree?
Rhian: 13 na! – 13 already!
Me: wow, kadaghan na gud! – wow, so plenty!
Mom: ayaw ug tuo ana niya kay ga pataka lang na ug ihap. Mo sugod na sya ug ihap 8 na. Dili na mo sugod ug 1 mo derecho sa 8 unya ambak ambak na sya mo ihap! – don’t believe her cos she starts counting number 8. She doesn’t start number 1

December 19, 2017

Rhian: ‘la, dili nako mo huwat sa birthday ni baby Jesus. Ablihan na nako akong mga gifts ugma. Birthday ni Papa Andot (her Dad) ugma
Lola: ayaw ‘dai. Huwat na lang sa birthday ni baby Jesus ‘dai
Rhian: dugaya sad ‘la uy
Lola: hapit na dai sa Sunday na
Rhian: unya kang Papa Andot ugma na man

Rhian: ‘la, I’m not going to wait for the birthday of baby Jesus. I’m going to open my gifts tomorrow on Papa Andot’s (her dad) birthday
Lola: no, wait for the birthday of baby Jesus
Rhian: it’s taking so long
Lola: no, it’s going to be this Sunday already
Rhian: well, Papa Andot’s birthday is already tomorrow.

December 22, 2017

Mom went last minute shopping yesterday with Rhian in tow. As expected the mall was full and it took Mom a long time to finished. Rhian was already tired and grouchy when they got to the car and she wanted to go home ASAP.

Rhian to Berto (their driver): tana Berto ma mauli na ta kay wa na ta’y sapi!!!

Sorry, no English translation cos it won’t sound funny.

From now on I’m going to post Rhian Stories here in my blog and I will link it to my Facebook.

Here’s Rhian wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

 P.S. I don’t know why some letters are in red ink. I tried to fix it but it still published in red ink. My apologies.