Rhian’s Christmas

A lot of my friends asked me what happened to Rhian’s Christmas morning when she opened her gifts. I was not able to update you guys about it ‘cos we were traveling on Christmas day. So, here it is.

She waited so long for this time to come. And now it finally arrived. Tatay allowed them to open their gifts on Christmas Eve after dinner.

Since she’s just 2 years old she had a hard time opening her gifts. Not like Zyra who’s so much older than her. Lola rescued her and helped her open her gifts.

Rhian: unsa man ni ‘la uy! Kalisod ani! Gi unsa man ‘tawn ni pag putos ni Santa Claus! Lisod kaayo. – Why is this so hard to open? How did Santa Claus wrap this!


Christmas morning

They all went to church. She was very excited ‘cos her Mom changed her to her new dress and shoes. She actually didn’t know where they were going. When they were already in the car…

Rhian: asa man ta adto ‘la? – where are we going?

Lola: ma nimba ta ‘day kay birthday man ni baby Jesus – we’re going to church ‘cos it’s baby Jesus birthday

Rhian: adto sa ‘ta sa Robinson’s ‘la. Mangaon sa ta ug baka. – Let’s go first to Robinson and eat beef!


Here are some pics that Mom sent me

about to open her gifts

it took her so long to open

So, Lola helped her

all her gifts from Santa Claus!