I received a good review regarding one of the products I featured in my post Healthy Options finds.

She’s talking about Jāsön Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel that I have been raving about. I mentioned in my post that I hoarded on this product coz my skin loved it.

It made me believe more on organic products.

Claudia went to Hongkong last week and while she was there she would text me everytime she buys something and consult me whether she should buy or not (mostly beauty and skin care products).

She was about to buy this expensive creme (I won’t mention the brand) and she texted me and asked if she should buy or not. I told her no.

I told her that when it comes to skin care stick to organic products. I used the most expensive skin care brand before (if you have been reading me long enough you will know what brand I am talking about) for more than 15 years and it didn’t do anything to my skin. But when I switched to organic products my skin turned 360 degrees and now my skin has never been better. I am very satisfied with the organic products I am using now.

And that is also one reason why Korean prodcuts are good. That is because most Korean brands use organic ingredients.

Anyway… I’m just sharing with you some good news from a reader.

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