After Vito graduated University last year and decided to stay in Manila for good, he refurnished his room. He wanted an “adult boys” room. He changed his furnitures and got rid of everything from his childhood.

Claudia decided to refurnish her room, too.

Both of them refurnish their rooms together. I gave them a free hand in choosing the furnitures they like and it came out really good. (Sorry, they did not allow me to take photos of their rooms).

But my friend Claire guided them.

My friend Claire owns the furniture shop Restoration Store One.

I had wanted her to fix our lanai but I decided to fix Vito’s and Claudia’s room first. Vito’s and Claudia’s rooms have been finished since a few months ago and she’s doing my lanai now.

Restoration Store One. The best furniture shop in Manila in my opinion. Not a lot of people know about Claire’s shop. I told her you know what? you need to go out there and let people know ‘cos it’s sayang! Her furnitures and home accessories are really nice and not expensive.

Claire started her business from scratch. She started from the garage of her Mom’s house. She worked so hard for what it is today. From her Mom’s garage to 4 big shops in Power Plant, Glorietta 5, Shangri La mall and Alabang Town Center. The whole Metro Manila covered.

Her shops carry beautiful home accessories (half the price of Crate and Barrel) and she manufacture furnitures (if there’s anything you want done she will do it for you).

Last year her shop joined Instagram and I want to share with you some photos of her furnitures and home accessories that I got from their Instagram account.

These are some of the pieces that I love

If I am going to get a female small dog definitely I am going to get one of their doggie beds! How cute are these?

You can find one her shops in the following malls: Glorietta 5, Power Plant Mall, Shangri La Mall and Alabang Town Center.

Instagram: @restorationandstoreoneinc