The minute I woke up this morning I was greeted with things that happened while I was away.

“Mam, barado ang sink sa banyo nyo ho.”

– alam nyo naman kung sino tatawagan, di ba? Bakit hindi nyo tinawagan at nag hintay pa kayong dumating ako?

“mam, iisa na lang ang rice bowl natin” (those small Japanese rice bowl we use to put our rice)(I knew about this already before I left and I told them I will take care of it when I come back)

-alam ko na yan. Bibili ako mamaya

“Mam, dumating na ho si Jun” (new driver)

-alam ko na yan, Nag kausap ko na sya

“Mam, wala na ho kayong pan de sal”

… and so on and so forth

I am really home. ugh.

The first thing I did was ran to Landmark and bought those small rice bowl. which Axel (cook) was so noisy about.

I am not going to go out just for this, so I went around and saw this wooden trays and wooden coasters which I like.

and on my way down, I saw these really nice journals which I will never go home without. So damn cute.

and I went to the toiletries section to buy my hair dye which I ran out of

and I saw this small tin cans in different designs that were so cute. I don’t know yet what to do with this. Maybe I’ll make it a medicine storage when I travel. I don’t know. Just found it so cute. It came in different designs and sizes.

“Welcome home mam”



Inner white tshirt: Hanes  ||  Overalls: Moussy  ||  Mules: H&M  ||  Bag: Chloe  ||  Shades: Rayban  ||  Willow Jewelry