“mam, na sira ho yung toilet bowl cleaner sa banyo ni Sir Vito.”

This greeted me early yesterday morning. So, I added it in my to-do list. Ang toilet bowl cleaner ni Vito. lol! Tamang tama I was scheduled to go to Landmark to pick up a few things for the kitchen.

After Landmark, I went to the grocery cos I ran out of almond nuts.

When I got home I chatted with Mom on Viber and she told me that Rhiane is wearing her school uniform already (she started nursery school last week). I told her to take a picture and send it to me. We ended up talking about how she is in school. They are only 6 students in her class and according to Mom, she’s the only one participating in class. There are even times she would go in front of the class and stand beside her teacher (feeling sya yung teacher). lol!

Mom said her future is very bright! lol

Trying to normalize things in my life now. Block things that are needed to be blocked in order for me survive this thing called life.

Real life. This is as real as it can get.



Thanks to all those who messaged me. Love you, too, guys!


Inner white Tshirt: Zara  ||  Denim Jacket: H&M  ||  White Denim Jeans: Zara  ||  Bag: Givenchy  ||  Shoes: Chanel  ||  Willow Jewelry