Ever since the rainy season started my morning calls with Mom always starts with, “nag uwan diha?” – is it raining there? And almost always it’s raining here or there. Dark or sunny.

Rainy season is finally here.

Today when I called Mom first thing she said was, it’s so dark here now. I woke up at 6:00 am and it’s still so dark. And it’s starting to rain.

I told her it’s not raining here, no sun, not that dark and not raining.

But a few hours after the rain started to pour and it became so dark. I told myself I am not going to let this rain stop me from going to Milky Way and eat sinigang na baboy and daing na bangus. No way.

We already planned to have lunch today and it’s been set since yesterday. Milky Way. Rain or shine.

While it was pouring like crazy outside we had our sinigang na baboy and daing na bangus with coke zero in Milky Way. woohoo!

I haven’t been this full in a long time.

I’m not gonna lie but I have been eating bad the past few weeks. I have been eating canned corn beef with rice and pizza almost every day. Like that kind of bad. So, my lunch today was really a good break for me.

It was good for my soul (literally). And I actually had fun, too. So, yay for today. Rain or shine.