Where do I begin? I wish I know.

You left because what else was there to do? he’s not the man you first met. He’s not. And so, you accept it.  You could get angry, you could get sad. But really, you just feel a vast sense of disappointment and perseverance in yourself, that you believed that maybe, just maybe this one was different but life is life and what is it without growth. Let him slip out of your life just as he slipped in.

When you leave, it’s like moving. If you do it right the first time, package everything up you care about, it becomes easier over time. You know your worth. You know your value, so you take that, put it where it belongs and it all fits together, and then you’re gone.

I’m brimming with all this god damn affection, all these gestures, thoughts, feelings of intimacy, of strength, of love. I’m so god damn exhausted. I don’t want to settle, never have, so I won’t, so I haven’t.

It wasn’t soon after that I knew I had to cut the line. So, I did.