Not everyone likes coconut, the smell, the taste. I am the complete opposite. I super love coconut! The scent, the taste, and the benefits you get.

Ever since I started to menopause I stopped drinking water. I don’t know why but I do not like the taste of water anymore. What I did is I switched to fresh coconut water. Rustan’s grocery carries Dizon’s fresh coconut water. They have delivery every day. I send Joshua (driver) to buy me 12 bottles of Dizon’s fresh coconut water every 3 days. And that’s what I drink instead of water.

I like everything coconut flavored. Ice cream, chocolates, etc. I love Almond Joy chocolates, and you guess it! It has coconut.

When I was in college I was obsessed with Coppertone. (Remember Coppertone? It was a famous tanning and sun block lotion back in the day). And you know why? Because it smells like coconut.

Coconut scent reminds me of the beach and summer breeze. I am your typical tropical girl.

The benefits are just coincidental. hahaha. Ever since I started drinking fresh coconut water my skin drastically changed. I used to have very dry skin but now my skin looks so dewy and supple.

The last time I was in the US, one of the items that I picked up at Target is shampoo. When I saw Herbal Essences shampoo I looked for the scent that I and my siblings used to use when we were small. Mom used to buy Herbal Essences. I forgot the name of the scent but I remember the color. It was green.

I can never forget how this smells. This is the scent of my childhood.

But I couldn’t find it. Maybe they have discontinued this particular scent. I am not sure tho’ if Clairol Herbal Essence is Herbal Essences now.

I ended up buying this.

Because 1. it’s coconut 2. it’s hydrating (my hair is dry)

At that time the conditioner was out of stock. So, I looked for a different conditioner and ended up buying this.

Because 1. it’s for frizzy and unruly hair (that’s my hair!) 2. Vanilla scent will blend well with coconut scent

I did not regret buying this conditioner because it’s very, very good.

I have been using this combination since June and my hair super loves it. Some of you here know that my hair is psychotic and neurotic and that’s the reason why I am obsessed with finding the right shampoo. I am forever looking for the right one.

A few weeks ago I was already panicking ‘cos I am about to run out. I looked for it online and found it on Amazon. I put it in my cart right away and waited for some items before I purchase it.

Last week I went to S&R to do my grocery. And guess what I found?

I picked it up right away.

I have been using this since last week and I super love it! It’s exactly like the Herbal Essences. Or even better. My hair is so smooth and soft, smells good, no frizz (yay), and no longer dry.

It’s a good thing that I haven’t checked out my cart in Amazon yet! And I’m so happy that it is available here.

Thank you S&R!