Early this morning my friend Marivic (who lives in London) sent me a “psssst” message on Messenger. I replied a “psssst” also. Then she called me video not just audio. That means she’s pretty now. That’s what I do to her also. If I am pretty I call video and not audio and catch her not looking good. And she hates that. lol!

And she would say, “aba porke maganda ka ngayon pa video video ka pa dyn. eh ang pangit pangit ko ngayon!”

And I would tell her, “of course”

This time she called me video that means she’s pretty today and I just woke up. I said, “aba pa video video ka pa dyn hindi audio. Porke maganda ka ngayon tapos ako kaka gising lang!”

So we went on chatting and she made the mistake of asking me “what do you want for your birthday?”

me: are you serious?
me: you are asking me what I want?
me: on my 60th birthday???
me: you know I will go to town and make a list, right?
me: you know I deserve the best, right?

Marivic: pipili-an ko lang yung list mo noh. Yung pinaka mura lang

me: you know what? forget it. ‘wag na lang dai. 
me: wait, just get me GHD hair Iron. cos the one you gave me years ago is about to die on me.

Marivic: o, sige pipili ako na pinaka mura sa GHD

me: walang mura sa GHD dai. You know that.

Marivic: maghintay ako mag sale ang GHD

me: ang kuripot mo ha! You’re earning in £’s! For christ sake!!!

I started taking screenshots.

then she noticed I was screenshotting. She said, “hoy! sandali poposing muna ako!”

my very, very good friend Marivic. Sobrang ganda. Kuripot nga lang. lol!

she’s my “do or die” friend