Those people who really know me know that I don’t do dinner. Only because it is so f*cking traffic! Basically I hate going out at night.

When Claudia and Vinny organized my birthday dinner I just went along.

Canton Road, Shangri la BGC, Sept. 13, 2019, 6:30 pm (Vinny wants to “salubong” my birthday)

I thought to myself oh no, oh no, oh no (saying it like Kevin Hart would say oh no).

It’s Friday, it’s payday and it’s Friday the 13th. The traffic for sure will be horrible (I’ll bet 1 billion $s). If someone would have bet with me I would have been a billionaire this morning.

I left my place at 5:20 pm. Took me an hour to get the freak out of Salcedo Village and another hour to get out of the congestion in Paseo f*cking de Roxas!!!!

Sa awa ng Dios I arrived in my destination 7:30 pm. Kawawa si Jake (driver). At one point out of desperation, I told him to make the car fly.

When I arrived everyone was there already except Jean (Claudia’s bf). He also got stuck in traffic! lol! so, yay! It’s not only me.

I had so much fun, to say the least. I always have fun every time when I am with them. But now we are complete.

All the people that I love in one room. How cool is that?

counter-clockwise: Vito, Vinny, Franny, me, Jean, and Claudia

my Taipan, Vinny. Always working.

my other Taipan, Vito. Got so busog went to lie down on the couch

so I cornered him and told Jean to take photos

I am always in awe watching them. The most valuable gifts I received in my life

me and my girls

traditional blowing of the candle

so funny cos when the waiters entered the room and sang happy birthday I told them to sing it again cos they were all sintonado. I go, ulitin nyo napaka sintonado nyo ha! Then Claudia said: Mom, you’re scaring them.


Thank you universe for everything! The good, the bad and the ugly.