One of the very few people that I and the kids never forget to greet on Mother’s day is Nana. And she hates it if we give her something. Even flowers. And as usual, she got angry when the kids sent her flowers last Mother’s day.

“Pwede ba, ‘wag na kayong gumastos. Sayang ang pera. Ang Mother’s day inimbento lang nila yan. Sa panahon ko wala kaming Mother’s day”. 

And she tells us that every Mother’s day.

The kids and I had lunch in Canton Road in Shangrila at The Fort and like most of my special occasions (my birthday, Mother’s day), they think ordering lechon or suckling pig will make me happy.

Jesus Christ

Yesterday  I planned to do a few errands. And one of my errands was to have a haircut. Only to find out there was not a single driver available. All our drivers went out to vote and so, for the first time, all the kids were home. lol.

And since I was already dressed and ready to go out I decided to do an OOTD shoot instead. lol.