As usual, I did my Saturday ritual: face mask, hot oil, body scrub, etc. The kids were not home so it was a quiet morning for me and I had fun doing my beautification ritual.

I was planning to have a late lunch with some friends and watch a movie after.

I don’t go to theaters. I’ve stopped watching movies in movie houses for a long time already. I don’t like it. I like watching movies lying down in the comfort of my room.

But jsp said the theaters in Century Mall is like business class seats. With free popcorn and drinks. And you are lying down while you’re watching. “Let’s just have lunch at Century Mall and watch a movie after.”

Sige na nga.

We had lunch in this place called Hole in the Wall. I’m sure some of you must have eaten there already. We had Mexican food.  After lunch, we checked what movies were showing. There was only 1 movie that fit our time frame and it was Murder on the Orient Express. The showing time was 4:30 pm. We had like an hour an half to kill so we went down and had coffee in Mary Grace. I ordered their cheese roll (I haven’t eaten their cheese roll in a long time).

Murder on the Orient Express. Based on the novel by Agatha Christie.

Oh, nooo. Malalim ito. I went inside the movie house with hesitation. I wanted to watch a light movie. You know, comedy, comedy-romance, those kinds. Besides that, I was soooo full from our lunch and the cheese roll plus the big bag of popcorn I was holding.

We looked for our seats and got settled. Uy, parang business class seats nga (hahaha). Okay, I’m just gonna go with the flow. I told myself while munching popcorn.

I don’t know if anyone of you has watched the movie already, but I expected it to be full of mystery and twist and turn since this is by Agatha Christie.

Pinatulan ko pa rin. But after 2 hours into the movie, I looked at jsp and said let’s go. I said: “hell yes. Leche, wala na akong paki alam kung sinong pumatay kay Ratchett (Johnny Depp). Na hihilo na ako sa kanila ha.”

And so we left. hahaha.

When I got home I googled it and found out who killed Ratchett. Ito talaga si Agatha Christie, sobrang daming pa ikot ikot ng storya mo teh.

If I read the book, maybe I would have the patience to finish it. I don’t know, maybe it’s my age. I am not into this kind of movies anymore.


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