I went to S&R this morning to do last minute grocery shopping that we need in the house before I fly to Cebu tomorrow. I also bought Rhian some chocolates (what else?) hahaha. I also got her 2 big bottles of Nutella (she loves Nutella). By the way, Mom said Rhian is into gummy bears and jelly beans these days, so I got those too. It’s going to be Christmas all over for her again.

After doing my grocery I had lunch in Milky Way with some friends.

Milky Way will always be my favorite Filipino restaurant. Ever.

When I got home I worked on some of our orders (I don’t want to leave anything hanging when I’m in Cebu) and did some banking stuff.

Okay, I’m good for the week.

I just finished packing right before I sat down and wrote this. Before I’ll sleep tonight I’ll download some movies in Netflix that I can watch while waiting for my flight or when I’m on the plane.

Okay, I’m good for tomorrow.


Top: hand me down from Vito  ||  Jeans: Zara  ||  Shoes: Gucci Princetown Slippers  ||  Bag: Gucci  ||  Willow Jewelry