Now that the Slick Case case is out of the way, back to business. I have been wanting to write the Slick Case story since a few days ago but I didn’t want to ruin my weekend (I know I’ll get piss when I’m reminded of it).

Nothing really outrageous or interesting happened today. Aside from our new driver reported early this morning. I spoke to him briefly after I had breakfast and told him the scope of his job which is he will be assigned to me and Vinny. And he said: “asawa mo ba si Sir Vinny ma’am?” – Is Vinny your husband ma’am? hahaha.

I went to do my monthly grocery in S&R around noon time after I did my banking stuff (you will be hearing the word banking a lot from now on kasi wala na si Joshua. hahaha) ‘cos my work entails a lot of banking to do on a daily basis.

It was gloomy the whole day today. We haven’t had the sun in a long time now. Maybe 3 weeks? Which is unusual in the tropics.

My friend Gaye (from Indiana USA) works for Kate Spade and I bought 3 pairs of sunglasses from her a few months ago (which I haven’t worn yet).  Not that I need more sunglasses since you all know I have 2 big drawers full of sunglasses already. But I always support my friends in their business/careers.

Gaye is one of my good friends since way back in the 80’s until she migrated to Canada (but she lives in Indiana now).

Anyway, I wore one of the pairs that I got from her.


Top: Zara  ||  Jeans: Levi’s  ||  Shoes: Chanel Espadrilles  ||  Bag: Hermes Her Bag  ||  Sunglasses: Kate Spade  ||  Willow Jewelry  ||  Chanel Brooch