My weekend started great (more than great even).

I received a package from Wildleaf early this morning (it arrived last night but I saw it only this morning). For those of you who don’t know what Wildleaf is (altho’ I know you all do by now since I talk about Wildleaf a lot), it’s the brand that changed my life. Okay, that might sound too dramatic. lol.

Wildleaf is the reason why I am glowing. Wildleaf and the fact that I am in a happy place in my life right now and I have aligned my chakras.

They send me every time they come out with new products (for me to try) and they also supply me with the products that I like.

Aiza handed this to me when I woke up this morning!


I was so happy when I saw 2 bottles of my favorite Wildleaf Vitamin C Serum! They also sent me my new favorite their Shoku Dual Active (regenerating peptide serum).

I can’t wait to try their new Hibiscus Face Cream (calming daily moisturizer), and their Aloe Herb Face Wash


I can already tell I will be busy the whole weekend beautifying myself.

After breakfast, I spent most of my morning lounging by the pool, just relaxing and enjoying my coffee (ay, ubos na pala my coffee. lol) and making kulit on Facebook and IG.


Tomorrow (Sunday)(my favorite day of the week), I will have my Sunday lunch with the kids. I can’t wait.

Enjoy the weekend you guys.

My tummy. I know. I just had lunch and I am so full. Sorry, I am not perfect. Close, but not quite. lol!


with Aiza K. & Kuro

Top: F21  //  Chino Shorts:  Ralph Lauren  //  Bag: Chanel Eco Bag  //  Slides: YSL  //  Sunglasses: Celine  //  Willow Jewelry