Like I mentioned in my previous post that I have a dental appointment today. I made sure that my appointment is early morning so as not to get caught in the mid day traffic.

For the first time I was on time. Liza (secretary of my Dentist) was shocked. Lol! I am always late for my appointments. That was how anxious I was of the traffic.

If you have been reading me for a long time, you must know that my dentist is my close friend Pete Ong. We come a long way (since the 80’s).

Usually if I have a schedule, Liza usually don’t book a lot of patients cos she knows that Pete and I take a long time to finish. Even if I am just there for cleaning it takes us forever cos this is the only time we catch up.

So the minute I sat down in the dental chair we were already chatting non stop. We didn’t even know where to begin. Lol! In between fixing my tooth (there was a problem with one of my molars on the right side) we were talking about the latest issue that happened in my life.

He goes: “Ang importante kung ano na ang mga anak mo ngayon ng dahil sayo. Si TB walang na gawa yan sa mga anak nya. At alam ng mga biyenan mo yan. Malaki ang utang na loob nila sayo.

Kaya kapatid ikaw ang lumabas na winner, panalo ka kapatid. Mas nanalo ka pa kay Catrionna Grey. Sya Miss Universe lang, ikaw Miss Extra terrestrial Universe!”

Hahahahahahahaha! I died laughing that I gagged becos of the injector that was inside my mouth.

Then I told him, “I really don’t look at it that way kapatid. I was just being a mother to them. I am just lucky I guess.”

Mas lalo lang gumulo ang nangyari kapatid kasi ang daming mga bwisit sumali sa gulo. Yung mga taong walang alam sa nangyayari.”

While poking at my tooth he said, “hay naku! Wag mong pag papansinin ang mga taong yan. Hindi naman importante ang mga yan sa buhay mo. Dalawang klase lang ang mga yan, yung mga miserable sa buhay, at yung mga inggit sayo.”

And Pete is right. At the end of the day, where are they now?

They tore me down to pieces but did anything happened to their lives? Did they become rich? Did their house become bigger? Are they happier now after tearing me down?

What positive thing came out of it after they tore me down? Other than they just put out all the negativity in the world whose power they wanted to take away from me. They actually just empowered me by speaking of me.

But they gained nothing. They all look like haters now. Which they were to begin with.

I took a selfie before I left this morning. I wanted to feel comfortable so I just wore sweats and a vintage tshirt.