One more week left of 2018. The year that tried to kill everyone (me included. Lol). I posted this on Facebook and Instagram and everyone seemed to agree. 😂

I’m trying my best to end this year joyfully and on a positive note. Inspite of…

But again there will always be people who is just so full of anger and hate that will somehow try to dampen my spirit. But I will not allow such low life to destroy me.

As much as I want to end this year positively I don’t have a choice but to write this post. Only because if you touch me, I will touch you back. And I will make sure you squrim with pain when I do. You know why? Because you know deep in your heart that I did not do anything to you 10 years ago or 10 years after.

Where is the karma that you said I was served? Until now I am waiting and it has been more than a month since you painstakingly made an effort to write that senseless and vile rant of yours.

That rant only showed you don’t know what accountability is. Try to learn that simple word then maybe you will get what I am trying to tell you. And if you don’t know what it means e-google mo.

Where is the leader of your so called group now? The one you connived with to tear me down. The “karma” you thought was served to me? Do you even f*cking know?

I have been telling you this before and I will tell you again now, you don’t know me. You don’t know who I am. ‘Cause if you do, nothing like this would have happened. This nightmare happened only because this is the kind of person you are. This is what you are used to. This is how you live.

But not me. I don’t thrive and live like this.

This will be the last time I will ever write about you. Because I am adjusting my sail now and I am not going where you are.

After all these years the very thing that I ever wanted was given to me. The very thing you called my “karma” (how little you know of me).

All I want to do now is enjoy my life. Do the things I have been wanting to do before but I couldn’t.

And while doing that I want to travel and see the world in a different light and this time in a different situation.

Now that I can. 😊