I was talking to mom early this morning like we usually do (I call her every morning and every night)(to check on them). She told me something that triggered my sense and sensibilities.

This morning when Dad and Mom were having breakfast Dad asked her again why “they” (my sisters) are not calling them anymore. Dad is already old (he will be 81 this coming November) and he probably forgot what happened last July. Or maybe he did not forget but as a ‘man’ he thinks that everything is okay by now. Or he thinks that everything got solved naturally. You know how men are. Very different from women.

This is how their conversation went.

Dad: na unsa man na sila, wala naman gyud manawag. – what happened to them? they have not called us anymore.

Mom: ha? kalimut ka nga na suko man na sila nato? – have you forgotten? they are angry at us.

Dad: ah, siaro. Hantud karon? – until now?

Mom: na hadlok tingali na sila mangayo ka ug kwarta. – maybe they are scared that you will ask money

Dad: kalimti ang kwarta. Sa ako na lang pagka amahan nila.- forget the money. But as their father

Mom: ‘dy, kalimti na to sila. Ayaw na pagandoy manawag pa to sila. – ‘dy, forget them. Don’t hope that they will still call us.

Mom said, “to tell you the truth Tin, I’m okay if they don’t call. I’m happier now. I can sleep peacefully at night. I don’t get scared when my phone rings and it is S calling. Everything is just so different. I have never been so happy in my life like now. If they call it’s okay, if they don’t so much the better.

It made me think, was it that bad? I mean, come on. I was not around everytime S calls my mom. What I know is that Mom is scared to talk to S cos she always makes ‘boyboy’ (I don’t know how to say it in English). Which she hates and can’t do anything but to listen to her.

S verbally abused them for far too long already that my mom wishes that they don’t call her anymore. Yes, it is that bad. And it just sank in my brain just now.

Verbal abuse is one kind of abuse that is so lethal (or any kind of abuse for that matter).

I told mom, “mom, don’t worry, I will do everything in my power that S will not do this to you anymore.”

Not on my f*****g watch.