You probably noticed this teeny tiny medal/cameo pendant I have been wearing every day.

And you have probably noticed that small oval or round medal like pendant is everywhere these days. If you see me wear something all the time that means it is the look of the moment.

I like it a lot. I mean like a lot. So, I ordered the one exactly like mine.

Here it is:

We only have 5 pieces. I don’t want to sell too much of this ‘cos I love the novelty of this piece. So, grab yourself one now and wear it the whole summer. Make it your summer neck piece. Btw, you can swim with it in the beach or swimming pool and it won’t tarnish.

The length of the chain is 18 inches and it is made of 925 sterling silver dipped in 14k gold. Like I said this won’t tarnish. That I guarantee.

Price is: P3,000

Email me at or message me on Instagram or Facebook.

I wear mine every day and I stack it with my other necklaces.