When I found out that NARS collaborated with Charlotte Gainsbourg, I totally flipped. I couldn’t wait until they release the collection.

I know all of us aim for a natural, effortless, fresh & flawless everyday look. I know I do. More so now that it’s summer and the heat index is just getting higher. The best person to emulate that look is no other than Charlotte Gainsbourg. The ultra-cool, forever “It girl” of France.

Charlotte Gainsbourg is the ultimate Parisian hip girl. The daughter of the famous Jane Birkin and French actor/song writer Serge Gainsbourg.

Francois Nars and Charlotte Gainsbourg

Charlotte Gainsbourg

(she makes me want to cut my bangs!)

NARS released the Charlotte Gainsbourg Collection early this month. The whole collection comes with hydrating glow tints, eyeshadow duo palettes, kohliners, multiple sticks, lipsticks and make up brushes. When I saw the collection I had my eye on the Hydrating Glow Tints, the Kohliners and the Make up Brushes.

NARS Charlotte Gainsbourg Collection Hydrating Glow Tint

Nars Charlotte Gainsbourg Collection Kohliners

NARS Charlotte Gainsbourg Collection Au Poil Brush Roll

I was able to get hold of the 3 shades of Hydrating Glow Tints and the 3 shades of the Kohliners.

I used the Hydrating Glow Tints and Kohliners today.

The Hydrating Glow Tints comes in the shades Light, medium & medium dark. I used light shade all over my face using my fingers and it gave my skin a freshly wash look. The medium dark shade I used it in the perimeters of my face for some depth.

This is sheer, fluffy, cream like formula.

$36 each

The Kohliners comes in the shades Zinc (grey/black), Cours Du Soir (dark green), and Nuit D’Encre (midnight blue). I used the shade Nuit D’Encre ย on my upper lash line and smudge it for a smokey effect. I also used it on the outer part of my lower lash line and smudged it as well to soften the look.

It’s a very soft eyeliner and it sticks well.

$27 each

The Look