Ever since I was diagnosed with Diabetes last December I have been visiting my Doctor every 3 months (to check my numbers. Blood sugar, Cholesterol (HDL & LDL), Blood pressure, Triglycerides, and HBA1C).

Yesterday was my third visit since December.

The minute I entered my Doctors clinic (Dr. Edwin Wenceslao) he was smiling from ear to ear. And he goes: “I’m so proud of you! All your numbers are really good! Everything went down.”

I was so happy when he said that! He showed me the comparison of my blood tests (I had blood tests every 3 months) from December till this month. We were both so happy that I hugged him! lol!

He lowered the dosage of my medicines and when I go back in November and if my numbers will continue to go down he might take off some of the meds that I am taking now. Yay!

Ever since December when I found out I had diabetes I stopped eating all forms of sugar. Meaning chocolates, cakes, ice cream, pastries, etc). The only thing I did not stop is rice. But I only take half a cup every meal.

Not taking sugar has changed my life completely. You have no idea how bad sugar is to our body. I feel so different now. I feel lighter, my mood changed, my skin is glowing, I don’t get tired easily, etc. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to sugar anymore. Ever.


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