I have been using Spanish colognes ever since I can remember. Way back when I was still in school. From Nenuco to Denenes to Para mi Bebe.

And when I moved here in Manila I graduated to Royal Ambree and Bien-être. (OMG. Those were the days. My early days in Manila back in the early ’80s).

Royal Ambree


I love these 3 scents:

 It was so hard to get Royal Ambree and Bien-être before. I remember I used to get it in Whistle. Who remembers Whistle? (Laglagan na ng edad) lol! It was this restaurant back in the ’80s to ’90s that we used to go for good Filipino food and where we used to go early morning breakfast before going home from the disco. (I remember they had the best daing na Bangus) And in one area of the resto, there was a door that will lead you inside a small store full of imported goods.

I am feeling nostalgic talking about this. I was so crazy with Royal Ambree and Bien-être when I moved to Manila. It’s one of my good memories with my best friend. We were both crazy with these colognes.

Anyway, back to Spanish colognes.

In early 2000 I graduated to more expensive ones. Acqua di Parma.

Acqua di Parma

scents that I love:

Currently using now

I have been using Acqua di Parma since my kids were small until now. The last time we were in Milan (Italy) I couldn’t find Colonia only the Blu Mediterranean so I was forced to get it and now this is I buy not the Colonia anymore.

In mid-2000 I was introduced to Alvarez Gomez colognes. I saw it first in that Beauty store in Power Plant Mall in Rockwell. I forgot the name. It’s on the first floor a few shops away from Armani. What’s that Beauty store again? (The one owned by Rustan’s) ughhh… my memory is failing me.


My first Alvarez Gomez cologne

I love the bottle. It’s made of heavy glass and it’s vintage-looking so I kept it and now I put a different cologne inside.  Inside is Gotas Frescas.

Claudia was the one who introduced me to Gotas Frescas. Every time she would leave the house she would smell so good. The kind of scent I like. Fresh, citrusy, clean. I asked her what she’s using and she told me Gotas Frescas. She got it in the Manila Polo club gift shop. She told me it’s a big bottle Mom, I’ll give you. We would put it in this Alvarez Gomez bottle.

Eventually, she ran out of it and didn’t have the time to repurchase. She told me it is already available in Beauty Source in Rustan’s.

Fast forward.

The other night, while I was going through my FB newsfeed, I saw a post from Rustan’s The Beauty Source. They have new Alvarez Gomez colognes! I was like OMG, OMG, OMG!!!

I tagged my friend Jing right away (cos we both love this brand)! Jing is like me. She’s even worse than me (lol). A mile away you can already smell her cologne. She’s always smelling  Spanish cologne. She smells good all the time. She’s one friend of mine that is always mabango and squeaky clean. Her makeup is always well applied (not heavy) very clean. She doesn’t look sweaty (I hate sweaty look).

I told her I am going to run to Rustan’s tomorrow!!!

So, I did. When I got to The Beauty Source I saw they had Gotas Frescas and the Alvarez Gomez colognes.

When I looked at the photo that The Beauty Source posted on FB I thought I was going to like the Agua de Fresca Baño and when I smelled it yesterday I did not like it.

I ended up getting this instead. Love it. But it doesn’t come in a vintage-looking glass bottle anymore. This is just clear plastic bottle

Alvarez Gomez

and I also picked up the big bottle of

Gotas Frescas

Enough of Spanish colognes.

After running to Rustan’s I went straight to my lunch in Gino’s (just a block away from my place). I was meeting my good friend Van (from Singapore) (she’s in town. yay). We go along way. Since the ’90s and she is one of the friends I kept (up to now).

I love her dearly. Always will. She’s my soul sister

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