If only I can just stay in my room the whole day every day, I would. With the temperature these days (34deg. c that feels like 36 deg. c), I’d rather stay indoors. I mean really. It’s insane going out.

But life goes on and I need to do stuff. So, I have to go out. But I’m telling you, it’s like hell out there.

I went to S&R to pick up the crib for my niece’s daughter (please, I refuse to be called Lola. I will always be a Tita. Or call me Tina like Rhian does. lol). I promised her I’d buy her a crib. Until now she’d rather have the baby sleep beside her (it’s easier for her since she’s breastfeeding). But I feel it’s about time for her to move the baby into her own space. I saw this cute crib in S&R the other day and I told her I’d get it for her. So, I went back today to get it (I’m scared it might be sold out).

It’s a good thing I went today ‘cos I got lucky. My favorite munchies, Ritz Toasted chips, is finally in stock! I have been waiting for S&R and Rustan’s to restock and it has been months already. I was so happy when I saw that S&R actually have it in stock!

This sell out so fast. I quickly grabbed 2 boxes! Hey, we’ll never know when they’ll restock again. This is also Mom’s fave. I’m going to bring some for her when I go home to Cebu.


This + Coke Zero inside my cold room. Hello.

I’m beginning to feel my summer will be fun after all!


who else here is having a hard time dressing up with this heat? Or is it just me?

Top (bodysuit): A.P.C. Paris  ||  Palazzo Pants: H&M (old)  ||  Shoes: Gucci  ||  Bag: F21  ||  Sunglasses: Quay  ||  Willow Jewelry