I turned a year older yesterday (Sept.14) and a year wiser.

I told my kids that I don’t want gifts and I don’t want to celebrate my birthday. I don’t want to eat dinner out like we normally do. I just didn’t feel like it. I want to treat it like an ordinary day.

What Claudia did was she ordered lechon (with truffle rice) in Pepita’s Lechon and we ate it last night at home. It was just me and the kids and Jean (Claudia’s bf). Just the way I like it.

When we were about to eat no one knew how to slice the lechon. The kids told me to cut it but I didn’t know how and where to start. Claudia said: Mom, how can you not know how to cut when you’re from Cebu?



it was so yummy! The lechon was supposed to be good for 15 people and we nearly finish it (only 5 of us!)(hahaha)

My early greeters aside from my kids were my family of course (my mom & dad, my brother in Atlanta (Chris) and Ryan my brother in Cebu) Of course everyone on Facebook greeted me and I’m not kidding by afternoon my timeline crashed because of too much volume (looks like everyone greeted me at the same time). My wall froze. I see the notifications but I couldn’t see it on my timeline. It was like that for an hour and it went back to normal.

To all that greeted me thank you so much.

Now that I am already 25 years old (hahaha), a lot has changed in me. I’m beginning to know myself better, I already know what I like, what I don’t like, and I already chose who are the people I want to spend the rest of my life with.

My life has changed so much ever since I avoided negative people. I am keeping the people around me at a minimum. I don’t need a lot of friends. I only need a few. A few who I can trust my life with. I found these people and they’re here to stay.

I already know what to give myself for my birthday (hahahaha). I’ve ordered it and I’m just waiting for it to arrive.

Hermes Her Bag 31 cm

Actually, I have this bag already (gray and orange combination) but it is the large one. I’ve always wanted the smaller version of Her Bag.

I couldn’t choose which color to get. I love both. I got both. Because why not?


I finally went out today. After staying in the house since Monday.

Top: Levi’s  ||  Skirt: Zara  ||  Mules: H&M  ||  Bag: Chloe Nile Bag  ||  Sunglasses: Vintage Emilio Pucci  ||  Willow Jewelry Dangling Heart Earrings  ||  Bvlgari Bangles  ||  Triwa Tortoise Bangle  ||  Gucci Marmont Belt