I’m glad my birthday weekend is over! whew! (altho’ I still have few dinners and lunches on staggered dates).

I feel after the weekend celebration my blood sugar went up more. And I am paying for it now. I had to cancel lunch with my good friend Jerry Mabasa today cos I just couldn’t do it. I feel sick and I am coughing.

F8cking shit. Is this what growing old means now? I can’t feel excited on a daily basis anymore? Otherwise, my body suffers.

So, I told my kids over lunch yesterday that I will only live up to 80. I told them no pasyal in the mall on a wheelchair. Please. I’d rather stay at home. I’ll be happy at home. Vinny said, “we will just put a bag over your head when we make you pasyal in the mall on your wheelchair.”

I told them about my plans. When I reach 80 to put me on a wheelchair and put me on top of the stairs and I will do the rest. I will push myself down. And Claudia asked: “which stairs do you want?” I said, stairs in Carissa (our house in Dasma).

Having to live in that house for more than 20 years killed half of me already. Might as well kill my other half there.

Claudia: wtf Mom, why are you talking like that? There are old people that are happy!

I said, first, I don’t want to burden you guys. Second, you think old people are happy? Why are they all grouchy? That’s because they are not happy. And they’re sad and sick.

So, please. Don’t make me live more than 80. And Vinny, since you’re the eldest I am telling you now in front of your wife, please cremate me. Okay?

And they change the topic. hahahahahaha.

Vinny: I will buy you a beach house. I said okay! lol!

I would like to thank everybody that greeted me. I appreciate each and every one of you for being in my life. I love you all!

the most treasured gift I received on my birthday