Ever since I got my senior card I already obligated my driver to report every Thursday whether I have lakad or not (Thursday is my car coding day) (if you have a senior card you’re exempted from car coding. But only in Makati). Yesterday he asked me if I have lakad today I told him meron akong lunch (maski wala)(cos if I say no baka hindi papasok). Early this morning (6:12am) I got a text from him:

I got so pissed. Why ask me? Meaning he will not report if I don’t have lakad? wth. He hardly does anything for me. I only go out to do grocery and have lunches and he only reports 5 days a week (cos I’m coding every Thursday and he’s day off every Sunday). I’m so lugi cos I pay him Diplomat/ex-pat rate (his last employer was an ex-pat).

For me, I am just paying for a stress-free life. He doesn’t stress me. He is the most professional driver I have ever had. He comes to work so clean and neat, his uniform is well ironed and he knows Manila so well. He does my banking stuff. In short, he does not stress me not like our other drivers who stress me every day.

Example (old drivers we had): the minute I enter the car I tell him where I’ll go (place or resto that I normally go. It’s not anywhere that we have never been to) and while in the car I’m doing stuff on my phone. So I don’t notice where we are going thinking he knows already my destination. After a few minutes, I will start to notice that we are not going to what I told him. Then I start to freak out.

“ano ba, di ba sabi ko punta tayo sa (let’s say Wildflour cos I go there a lot)? Bakit tayo andito.” Then he’ll start to say “ah akala ko sa (he’ll name a place that’s not even remotely close to sound like Wildflour) tayo pupunta mam.”

Wala na sira na araw ko.

But with Jake, I tell him where I’ll go and I can comfortably stay on my phone the whole trip without worrying that we will get lost. With Jake, my car is always clean. Inside out.

That’s what I meant with stress-free life.

It’s so hard to find experienced drivers now cos they’d rather be Grab drivers. So, I better stop complaining. I’m just lucky to find a good and competent driver.

I was with Arleen by the poolside early this morning having coffee and I told her “halika mag lunch nga tayo later!” Biglang nag hanap ng lakad!

So, I’m having lunch with Arleen later.

Yesterday I had lunch with my Uncle Quito (brother of Mom). He called me and invited me to have lunch. We went to The Grid in Rockwell (it doesn’t get crowded pala there during weekdays). We had so much fun talking and laughing. All the brothers of Mom have good humor. I think that’s where I get mine from. And also Dad. Dad’s humor is what you call dry humor. So being with Uncle Quito is always fun cos he is so hilarious. We also talked about life and some deep things. He goes to Cebu every month ( for business) and he never fails to go visit mom and dad. They usually go to the beach and have lunch there.

me & Uncle Quito


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