Yesterday afternoon during my down time I watched Our Souls At Night in Netflix. Starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda.

After watching the movie I messaged Mom right away and told her to watch it. ‘cos I know this is the type of movie she might like. Mom is into Netflix nowadays. Like I mentioned a few posts ago that I put Netflix on her Ipad so she can watch nice movies.

Quick story. The other day I was calling her on Viber but she was not picking up. So, I went on and got busy with my morning. She returned my call around 11:00am already. I asked her where she was earlier cos she was not picking up my calls. She said she was watching Netflix. I asked her what she watched and she said The Crown. “Wow, good choice Mom! I haven’t even gotten around to watch that movie yet.” And she goes I also watched Jokoy. I burst out laughing! From The Crown to Jokoy! But she said she did not understand the humor of Jokoy! hahahaha.

So, anyway, back to the movie. Our Souls At Night. Hmmm, I liked the movie. But it was too slow for me. The story is about 2 old people (Robert Redford, Louis and Jane Fonda, Abbie) who are already in their twilight years. Both are lonely and they were neighbors.

I kinda relate somehow to the movie. Especially the “being lonely” part. You reach a certain stage in your life that you can’t help but get lonely. That stage when your kids have lives of their own. It can get lonely, especially at night (and I don’t mean in a sexual way). You need someone to talk to. Even if you are not alone and your hubby is there or your partner, it can still get lonely. More so if you’re alone. Like the 2 characters in the movie. Louis and Abbie were both alone (the wife of Louis has died so did the husband of Abbie), their kids already have moved out and made lives of their own.

I will stop here ‘cos you might want to watch the movie and I don’t want to be a spoiler.

This morning I called Mom (my morning call) and she told me she watched the movie and she super liked it. She said the story in the movie is so true. And I said yes. During the deepest, darkest night of our soul, that’s when we need someone to hold.

We went on talking about other things like, Rhian, who as always was beside her. But may sumpong daw si Rhian that’s why I was not able to talk to her. So, I asked Mom how her Facebook life is going. And she said she’s still confused. Someone daw waved at her but she did not know how to wave back. hahahaha. So, I told her just go slowly eventually you will get the hang of it. I told her she doesn’t have to do anything just read your newsfeed. That’s where everything is. You get to read about what’s going on with your friends and some news.

I don’t want her to stop reading. Mom was a voracious reader when I was growing up. When I was in grade school she was complete with her Mills & Boon books. And she also encouraged us to read. I still remember the very first time she brought us to a bookstore I was maybe 5 years old and she let us choose what books we like. I can still remember the name of the bookstore, Bookmark and I remember the very first book I read, Heidi.

Can you believe when I was in Grade 5 I was already reading Mills & Boon pocketbooks of my Mom? And Mills & Boon at that time was not for my age. Mills & Boon pocketbooks are all love stories! hahahaha.

So, anyway, I told Mom not to stop reading. I told her it will help her get on with the times and it will make her mind active. And Vinny said  “and you suggested Facebook Mom? hahahaha.” Well, there’s a lot of nice sites on Facebook that I read. My favorites are: CNN, New York Post, Page Six, Yahoo, Boredom Therapy, George Takei to name a few. And I put all these sites on Mom’s Facebook. And that is why I told her to go to her newsfeed. And of course she will see pictures of our relatives and she will be updated with their lives.

I told Mom about what I read yesterday on CNN. It was about this couple who had 13 children who they physically and sexually abused (I’m sure you’ve heard about this story). The sister of the wife was being interviewed and she said that in her mind her sister is already dead and she cannot believe what the couple did to their kids.

If there’s an interesting story or if there is something I find wrong with the story I read the comments section and check if there is anyone that feels the same way as me.

I went to the comments section of this particle article and there was this one comment that hit home for me. The person that commented agreed with the sister of the wife. She said, if there is anyone toxic and negative in your life even if that person is a blood relation, let that person go. You don’t need toxic people in your life. You don’t need that person.

This made me think of some people in my life that I have let go. Especially S, A & P. We are blood-related. We grew up together under one roof, we have the same set of parents, we ate the same food when we were kids, but does it mean that I have a need for them? Mabe in the beginning yes. I tried so hard to make everything work the past few years. Even my brother (in Atlanta) said that let’s stop fighting we are already old. And I agreed with him. I f*cking made it work.

But it didn’t. The 3 of them thrives on negativity and very toxic. Everything that comes out of S’s mouth are all negative and very toxic. While A loves to spread negativity around her. She thrives on them.

I don’t need people like that around me. I don’t want negative vibes. I want to be happy and be positive.

I don’t need them. And that is why I let them go.

Anyway, I told Mom not to stop reading (go to Facebook!) (hahahaha) (only because the sites that I want her to read are all there all she has to do is click it) and I told her I’ll suggest another movie for her to watch again today.