Yesterday I accompanied Claudia to her doctor’s appointment cos she’s having chest pains for a couple of weeks now. She is already paranoid and thinks she might have heart problems.

Dr. Wenceslao did some EKG done on her a few months ago and it came out normal. Dr. Wens gave her a request for a stress test and 2 de echo (not sure the spelling) but she always cancels it last minute cos she doesn’t time.

Alto’ Dr. Wenceslao assured her already it is not her heart most probably a mascular thing or acid reflux. But to give her peace of mind, Dr. Wensceslo gave her 2 test (stress test and 2 de echo).

We spent the whole morning waiting for the doctor. You know the drill. Waiting for a doctor takes so much of your time and energy.

After lunch, I was supposed to accompany Vito look for an office desk for his room.

Ayun, he stood me up cos he passed out after his golf tournament.

Finally,  I opened an account on Instagram for Willow Jewelry. Yay! I haven’t launched it yet.

Oh, before I forget, Lu (my neighbor) decided to have dinner in Ikomai. It’s just down our street. After dinner, we went to Mistral roof deck in Raffles hotel for some drinks. It’s my first there. And the place is so chill, love the ambiance and the crowd is just mellow.

Now, I have a place to go to relax minus the usual rowdy crowd.

me, & Lu

  • Top: Lilly Pulitzer   //  Jeans: Zara  //  Shoes: Sam Edelman  //  Bag: Chanel Transparent  //  Sunglasses: Rayban //  Willow Jewelry