You know everyone is back in the city cos you hear the traffic so early in the morning. I used to complain about traffic noise ever since I moved to my condo. I wasn’t used to that kind of noise.

But having to stay in town during the long weekend made me missed it. It was so lonely without the noise. It was literally a ghost town and I felt so lonely and alone.

So when Vinny called me I told him I feel so lonely koko (that’s what we call him. It means kuya in Chinese). He said come let’s have dinner.  So Vinny and Franny treated me to dinner and Claudia joined us. Vito texted me and said he was not feeling well.

I love my kids.


We had our usual Sunday lunch and the lunch crowd was not bad at all. yay. Not everyone is back!

When you reach my age these little things mean a lot. Your kids being around when you need them. Real friends. Traffic noise. And knowing you are loved.

I am lucky.


Playsuit: Urban Outfitters  //  Shoes: Fendi  //  Bag: Chrsitian Dior  //  Sunglasses: Gucci  //  Willow Jewelry